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Empathic Products

Enabling intention and emotion aware products

The success or failure of applications and services is greatly determined by User Experience (UX). While careful UX design has proven beneficial, it is surprising how few efforts have been made to measure and respond to user experience after deploying the application. This project aims to achieve better user experience by applying affective computing technologies to understand and respond to user intentions and emotions. The project will start defining a number of case studies by ideating scenarios and use cases for empathic applications in the chosen domains and taking into account value co-creation and business opportunities. It will simultaneously develop and package affective technologies for intention and emotion recognition and empathic interaction and validate their functionality and applicability with real users. Utilising the resulting toolbox of empathic technologies, it will produce a variety of proofs-of-concept of enhanced existing applications and new products to showcase, evaluate and validate the feasibility of the empathic products with end users. Finally best practices will be combined with the lessons learnt from the design and implementation of empathic products to define a methodology for empathic product design and analyse business models suitable for these products. Read more...


The Portal of the project has been launched. In this portal, you will find Empathic components and products, which have been created by the partners of the project. The portal is meant for the dissemination of the project results, but also to allow for discussion on the products and collect feedback. Public components and products can be viewed without a user account. Project internal results can only be viewed by partners with a user account. Currently also the forum can only be accessed with a user account.